Prices for tours:

A one day tour costs $70.

Anything longer than one day is $90 and this includes permit fees and accommodation.

Accommodation varies depending on the tour and route taken but the guesthouses that we stay in are at least of a two star standard. You will of course have your own room.

The cost of meals during the trip is split 50-50 between your guides and yourselves.

The cost of fuel is included in the price.

About prices:

You may find offers of Easy Rider tours which are cheaper than the costs quoted above and should you choose to accept them, that’s fine. However, it should be noted that a genuine Easy Rider will have a fixed price similar to the above.

Also, genuine Easy Riders will not have any arrangements with hotels to offer tours as the commission for doing so is too high. However, copycat Easy Riders may do so in order to find business.

40% of proceeds go to charity:

40% of the money raised in Hoi An Easy Rider tours goes directly to the people suffering the effects of agent orange. The money covers the cost of doctor consultations, to the people in there homes as well as any further, costly treatments required.