Nha Trang - Central Highlands - Hoi An (6 days 5 nights)

Nha Trang - Central Highlands - Hoi An (6 days 5 nights)

Day 1: Nha Trang – Lak (190 km – 5 hour ride)

Leave Nha Trang for the Central Highlands, visit Cham Towers (The Lady of The City Towers), fishing village, natural hot water springs, the local K’ho ethnic minority village to learn their daily life and enjoy their hospitable nature,… stop in Orange Agent area to learn more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975, … etc. And then we can relax and enjoy the breath-taking nature of the Central Highlands, visit chopstick making factory, the rice agriculture of the M’nong ethnic minority.

Lak Lake will be a place where you stay overnight, you can choose to stay at a home-stay with locals or in the hotel that faces this natural lake.

Day 2: Lak – Cu Jut (100 km – 3 hour ride)

Leaving Lak Lake for Buon Me Thuot City after learning about the daily life of the locals, we’ll go riding elephant to explore the area or in a boat around the lake to have some great shots of the sunrise on the lake, or of the fishermen, or trek to the top of the Elephant Rock mountain to enjoy the panoramic view of the area. We’ll then move on and stop in the city to try Vietnamese fresh spring rolls for lunch.

Heading to Dray Sap fall (the most beautiful waterfall) we’ll stop and you can dip your body into the Fairy Pool next to the waterfall after a hot day traveling. Then we’ll finish off the day by going to the Virgin waterfall and stay overnight in the bungalow or in a Long House in the jungle.

Day 3: Cu Jut – Pleiku (230 km – 7 hour ride)

Traveling on the old Ho Chi Minh trail, you’ll continue to learn more about the history of Vietnamese people during the French colony and the Civil War, and experience the daily life of highlanders who live along the roads to learn how to make rice paper, noodles, etc. Pleiku is place where you would stay overnight after another full days of exciting riding.

Day 4: Pleiku – Kon Tum (120 km – 4 hour ride)

On day 4, we would visit the city a bit then head to Sea Lake, which used to be a volcanic crater that stopped working a million years ago, a great place to take some good photos for your trip. Sea Lake is also considered the ‘Eyes of Pleiku’. We’d then continue traveling to Kon Tum where we could visit Kon Tum Prison, an old wooden church, orphanages, and especially the Kon Ktu village where you see the Ede hill tribes Rong house and learn their traditions and culture by observing their customs and daily life. We would then stay overnight in Kon Tum.

Day 5: Kon Tum – Kham Duc (170 – 6 hour ride)

Continue traveling on the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the well-known Phoenix Airport and Charlie hill to know more about the war between the Northern and Southern Governments. You’ll find out more about the different cultures of Ch’ru, Bana, Thai – just some of the 44 different ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. After reaching Kham Duc, a mountain town on Ho Chi Minh trail we’ll stop to rest and stay overnight.

Day 6: Kham Duc – Hoi An (130 km – 4,5 hour ride)

Exploring the local market of the mountain town of Kham Duc will help you to learn more about the rural life of the highlanders as well as other ethnic minorities. Leaving Kham Duc for Hoi An after visiting a basket making village, and rice paper making, we’ll move to another small villages to make friends with them and see how they make incense, ceramics, chopsticks – then go to My Son Holy Land to see the ruins of Cham towers and then arrive in Hoi An aroud 4 p.m.