Nha Trang - Central Highlands - Dalat (3 days 2 nights)

Nha Trang - Central Highlands - Dalat (3 days 2 nights)

Day 1: Nha Trang – Cu Jut: 195 km (6 hour ride)

Leave Nha Trang for the countryside, on the way we visit Cham Towers (The Lady of The City Towers), fishing village, natural hot water springs, the local K’ho ethnic minority village to learn their daily life and enjoy their hospitable nature,… stop in Orange Agent area to learn more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975, …travel to Cu Jut and stay overnight in the bungalow next to Virgin waterfall.

Day 2: Cu Jut – Lak: 130 km ( 4 hour ride)

Leave Cu Jut for Buon Me Thuot: visit Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls (one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam), and then follow the Ho Chi Minh trail to learn more about the history and enjoy the breath-taking nature of the areas, stop in locals village to learn how the locals make rice papers, noodles,… trek to the top of elephant mountain to enjoy the panoramic views of the area, and then travel to Lak Lake before the sunset to have some great shots of M’nong Ethnic minority’s fishermen on the lake. Overnight in Lak lake where you can choose to do homestay or stay in the guesthouse.

Day 3: Lak – Dalat: 165 km (5 hour ride)

Explore the area on foot, then you can ride elephant or boat to pass the Lake to visit M’lieng ethnic minority viilage and then explore Jun village to learn more about the rural life of M’nong tribe. Stop at foot of the mountain to learn how locals make chopsticks, incenses,…and the farmers who cultivate goods on their lands such as flowers, coffee, tea, mushrooms, vegetables, then head to Dalat and visit the highlights of Dalat such as Crazy House, Dragon Pagoda, Former Railway Station,… arrive in Dalat around 5p.m. Finish the tour!